Well, hello there, how are you?

So let me introduce myself. . . .

I was not much of a reader as a child, but at age twelve, I began to have a strange thirst to tell wildly dramatic stories with sword fighting, bravery, and cute boys. Though I resisted this thirst for most of my life, it persisted and grew. Finally, several years ago, I strapped myself down and wrote my first scene. Since that first scene, I’ve managed to write a few substantive scenes.

Just so you know, I have no weight to add to the back of my name, to make it sound prestigious or even longer; I am just a fellow journeyer on this path we call Life.

So each week, month or year depending on the circumstances—but definitely decade—I’ll share my insight on writing, relationships, music, my experience with searching for my life’s work and anything else that I find intriguing.

Thanks for stopping in.

Top Noa