How I'm Getting All My Dreams

So this program I’ve been using on my piano allows me to set a song at a tempo of 60, 70 or 100 on the metronome. I do 60 and 70 fairly easily but then when I jump to 100, I sound like a toddler pouncing the keys randomly. I get so frustrated with myself that I can’t make that jump. Obviously other people can do it because the system is set up that way. Right?

One time, I played this song at least fifty times, and I still couldn’t get it. Finally I decided that I’d increase the metronome by increments of five. After that I increased to another five.

Get this: I passed the song off—give or take a few tries, of course. And when I reached 100, I couldn’t even tell how fast I was playing anymore. A few times I had to check to make sure that I was at the right speed.

I reminded myself to do this for the next song—Increase by just five. Increase by five. Increase by five. But it’s so hard for me to remember. Sometimes, even giving into this idea that I need to slow down makes me feel bad, as if I’m admitting that I’m not a prodigy or something. What’s that about?

I realize this mindset goes beyond playing the piano and even into everyday life. Especially when we have been waiting for a long time for things to happen in our lives, sometimes there’s a tendency to rush into things. We want things right away. We want to make up for loss time. At least for me, it’s this way.

So as I head into this new year, I’m trying to remember that small steps are how I will move ahead. And what I’m also realizing is that by taking smaller steps, I’m able to have not just one dream but all my dreams. But if I rush into things, I could lose them all.

Hmm. . . so which would you choose? Let me know.

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