Pouting Rarely Brings Lucrative Returns

I got my manuscript from the editor and of all the edits, this one has been the hardest. It was written in English, but I have to say, it sounded like French. To prove that it wasn’t, my cute editor wrote something back in French. Thank you so very much, dear editor.

Honestly, I’m not sure how God does it. As a writer, I know where the story needs to go, and I know how it ends, but trying to get my characters to go a certain way is sometimes so hard. Especially once you have a fully developed character, for consistency and believability, you are bound to make sure that your character either stays in character or has a valid reason for stepping out of character.

Anyway, I’m up to my ears in strengthening themes and motivations, and I really thought I did all that two edits ago. Apparently not. And my inciting moment is too far in. Since I’ve mostly spent my life reading the classics, it’s really not a surprise my novels start off slowly. But it’s not like it’s Anna Karenina where Tolstoy spends pages describing farm tools in the backyard.

Alas, now a days, publishers want the inciting moment at the end of the first chapter, or the beginning of the second. Therefore, slave-author dazzle me with your first line and every single line there after, or I’m not reading your book—no matter how great it is.

So who knows if you’ll ever get to read this book of mine. In the words of Montesquieu, who happened to be French, and who also wrote the famous book, The Spirit of the Law: Another man could have written a better book, but I nearly killed myself doing it. My sentiments exactly.

I’m thinking on this some more now. How does God orchestrate things so they fall right into place? A lot of setup usually takes place before all that “falling into place” happens. And when things don’t go our way, he also has to deal with all the residual human emotions like sulking, resentment, and pouting before we are willing to go where He wants us to go. Just think, if we were willing to let things go, if we were willing to change our own character—maybe find some humility and acceptance—he could get us where we need to go faster.

Luckily, I only have to hit the delete key to change things up. I guess I don’t have it so bad. So I will stop pouting and get back to work. I’m on the tail end of things, and I’m just waiting for some feedback.

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  1. Tnoa says:

    Oh but Denise, your little characters are way too cute for words!

  2. dennessee says:

    I’m sorry Top. I was talking to a friend last week about his book and he said that he had spent $500 sending it to an editor just to check for grammatical errors and they sent it be back with their edits, then his wife reread it and it was still full of mistakes that had been missed. He felt the editors had been a waste of money.

    I really like your post, I really wish the characters in my life would sometimes just stay in character and not stray. There is always light at the end of the tunnel- but sometimes the tunnel seems way too long.

  3. Tnoa says:

    Well, hello, dearest friend! I’ve certainly missed you too. Right now, I’m just trying to readjust to the weather. This spring feels so cold to me after being in warm weather. I hope that you’ll get to read my book too. Actually I just finished the major changes a few days ago, so I am loving this moment that I don’t have to think about anything.

  4. Temma says:

    I loved this 🙂 I miss you. How have you been? I’m so impressed with your efforts on this book. I hope to get to read it one day.

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