How Road Blocks Can Lead to Your Dreams

About a month ago, I came out of the library, and the car wouldn’t start. Usually jiggling the key a few times was all it took, but not this time. Several times it sounded like it was about to start but then to my dismay, it died completely. A thought entered my mind: go back inside, check out a book and when you come out again, it will start.

Though it was rainy and getting late, I ran through the cold rain and went back into the library. After browsing for 30 minutes, I checked out a book. And then when I went to my car again, guess what happened?

It didn’t start—

Just kidding. It started just like I thought it would.

When writer’s block hits, take time out. Do something else. It really works.

Lately however I have been looking at other areas that I was blocked in. Instead of being annoyed or frustrated, I have tried to apply this principle. Step back, do something else and try again later.

I’ve even gone a step further, allowing myself to wonder if it really isn’t God personally directing me into something that was better suited for me, maybe even to your dreams. Speaking of taking a break, I’ve just returned from extended leave. I had little internet access which turned out to be a needed blessing, but now I’m back.

I hope that you’re all faring well.


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