The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Sometimes experiences in our lives are painful. The losses are devastating. It slams you one right after another, and you’re suffocating. And you wonder how you will ever make it through the heartache, the bitterness, the anger, or the grief.

If you are going through these experiences right now, it may be too difficult to believe. But keep going. For if you keep going—if you keep trying, you will realize the biggest lesson of all in life.

These painful experiences—these trials that make us scream and make us want to run away and hide are the stuff that our deepest dreams are made of. For in these painful experiences, we test our faith; we test our strength; we test our endurance, and we test our capacity to overcome, to forgive, to love.

Nothing else we attain in this life would ever be equal to the investment that comes from painful experiences. Now when we come to our life’s work—to our greater work, these painful trials and the resulting emotions will be the rich colors in our canvases; they will be the gripping words that fill the blank pages of a novel; they will be the stunning details found in a sculpture; they will be the ideas that unite a nation; or they will be the love that saves a child.

This, my friend, is the secret weapon you will use to rise above mediocrity and propel you into the realms of greatness. So no matter what experiences come your way, cherish them as you would sacred jewels and let them be consecrated for your personal benefit and gain.

Ultimately, each human being came to this earth for a divine purpose. Somewhere deep inside, buried underneath all the confusion, hurt, or pain, a tiny voice exists. That voice tells you that you were meant to do great things in this life. If you are not already listening to that voice, the time to start listening is now.

This is my hope and prayer for all who have been led here.

Happy New Year!

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