Small Moments of Joy

There are events that stand as landmarks such as getting your driver’s license, graduating from school, landing that big break, getting married or having a baby. These events are like rites of passage. And they help us to know when we’ve reached a different point in our lives—where a new journey begins. It can be so exciting and joyous.

And for some, these landmarks haven’t come—not yet anyway. What society redeems as the normal time frame has come and gone. And we are left wondering if life has truly passed us by.

Life is definitely made up of these huge events. But life is also made up of small moments. Small discoveries. Small triumphs. These smaller threads, woven through our lives, add such richness, depth and beauty I would not have noticed if I were always focused on the bigger landmarks.

I think if we are willing to shift our focus from these huge landmarks, we can find abundant joy in these smaller, intricate stitches. So maybe stop waiting. And start enjoying–whatever phase of life you happen to be in. For one day, it will pass away.

Wishing you joyful moments!

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  1. Anna Solomon says:

    Thanks for the reminder that a life spent waiting for the big things is a joyless life. I’m trying to find happiness in the little things. Today I got a nice Christmas card and a present I wasn’t expecting; that’s my happiness for today.

  2. Top says:

    I had not meant to direct this post to you, but perfect timing indeed! And yes, much gratitude that you’re safe, but try not to give the boys to many tickets!

  3. dennessee says:

    It is hard to sometimes enjoy the small steps in life when it feels like it takes so much energy just to make the small steps. But I do find I am very thankful everyday after driving practice, when I pull back into the driveway alive and uninjured. I am glad to live another day!

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