Lazy Days

I’ve been under the weather lately, and I’ve been so lazy about everything, about writing, about eating, about exercising, and especially about singing. It’s too hard. So, in my practice, I’ve made no efforts whatsoever–barely opening my mouth and my eyes or holding my head up straight. Everything you’re not supposed to do. Can you picture me singing like that? Yeah, not a pretty sight. But real.

And guess what I discovered? It actually helped. When I stopped trying, when I stopped pushing, those high notes came effortlessly like magic almost. I can’t quite remember which culture it was where singing was like talking. What do you mean you can’t sing? You can talk, right? That was their attitude completely.

That got me thinking. Singing was meant to be natural, fun, and easy. But culturally, we’ve developed a mindset that only certain people are born with that healing gift, and with that, we push, we aim and attack with gusto like our lives depend on it. But do we only do this for singing? I think not.

How many things in our lives can benefit from good, old laziness? Okay, lazy driving and lazy teeth brushing benefits no one. But neither does driving tensely and brushing too vigorously, right?

Maybe, we can ask ourselves, what are the things we hold on to too tightly? What if we just loosen our grip? Just a little. What can benefit from us letting go–from being a little lazy. Next time someone says, “Hey Lazy Bones!” We can say, “Thank you very much!”

Happy Lazy Days.

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  1. Anna Solomon says:

    I am trying to do this right now in my life. Just stop trying so hard. Stop pushing so hard. Letting things slip a little. I hope it works. Sometimes we want things so badly we hold on so tight that we strangle the life out of the very thing we want.

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