Agents, Men and Rejections Galore

Within an hour of sending my query to an agent, I received a rejection. Isn’t that fabulous? Okay, you’re wondering if I’m joking, aren’t you? But I’m actually dead serious. Now, I’m not saying I don’t get sick all over and want to hideaway forever, because I do. But learning to be grateful when the door is shut in my face—especially when they slam it hard does take the sting out of rejection.

Why? Because it means they value my time, and they aren’t going to keep me waiting and wondering anymore. Really, just think how torturous it would be if an agent acted like one of those wishy-washy men who can’t make up their mind.

Of course, I didn’t always feel this way about rejection, but it’s absolutely how I feel about it now. After years honing your craft and pouring emotion and effort into every word you write, you truly want someone who will love your work as you do and imparting it to someone who feels anything less would be a great tragedy indeed.

So as with your novel and even as with your heart, which sometimes can be the same thing, only impart it to someone who will absolutely cherish it. And believe it or not, when you get a rejection—when your deepest, most cherished dreams don’t come true, it entitles you to one incredible thing: dreaming better and sometimes, bigger for yourself, my friend.

Happy searching and dreaming!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. alice says:

    Haha, too true! 😀

  2. Top says:

    Rejection, a stairway to our truest dreams!

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