Defying the Law of Entropy

Here’s a thought: when you’re sick or struggling with trauma—or let’s just be real here—when you’re a human being, getting your brain to do things evenly and orderly is difficult. It takes work and effort. We want flow, and we want things to fall naturally. But too much flow is chaos and entropy, and too much order is boring. So, I think there must be a balance between chaos and order, between freedom and restriction.

For me, this is exactly why playing a musical instrument is so beneficial. I look at music as a beautiful system of order and chaos; the law of entropy flow and reign in a closed system of parameters of movements, measures, and beats. In addition, you have other systems within systems, large and small, of chord progressions and chord arrangements.

I think when you train your brains to play a musical instrument, it won’t be susceptible to the disorderly—e.g., negative thoughts and vibrations. How cool would that be? Maybe, this idea sounds strange, but in the same way, if you’re used to eating fresh foods, you won’t want canned vegetables. So, if you’re like me, someone who does a little composing here and there, consider getting serious about music.

Then when trials and difficult situations arises, the forces of entropy will not have the power to drag you down. Your mind, already acquainted with chaos in music, will know how to handle it beautifully in your life, and with brain muscle memory or something equivalent, it will seamlessly defy the laws of entropy.

Happy Friday!



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  1. Top says:

    It really does make a huge different, doesn’t it? Thanks for your comment !

  2. dennessee says:

    I had set my alarm to wake me with music and it helped me to start the day on the “right note” But something is now wrong with the speaker and it only works sporadically and so I feel most mornings are chaotic and I feel more difficulty trying to move forward with my day. Great post, I do feel everyday is an opportunity to find balance between chaos and order. I hope to talk to you this Sunday. Denise

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