5 Things to Reduce Stress and Prepare You in Emergencies

My mother who has seen quite a few emergencies is always urging me to do these things, so I thought I’d pass the love along as a reminder:

Have cash on hand—Carrying some cash on you, in your car and in your house can be a life-savor. If you don’t have much to spare have at least five to ten dollars on you and in the car. Keep more in the house and have large and small bills.

Keep fuel levels above the half-way mark—When your tank is half-way full or somewhere close, refill it. You will refill more often, but when an emergency hits, you’ll be more prepared to assist your family or friends, and they are worth the inconvenience of refilling a few more times.

Keep your phone fully charged—We all have had experiences when it was crucial to have power: during an important conversation, on your way to an unfamiliar area of town or in an emergency. When you come home from work, charge your phone.

Have water and snacks in the car and at work—Especially if you have children, have snacks and drinks in the car. In addition, having healthy snacks at work is a good way to avoid the vending machine if you can’t get away for lunch. (And I hope I don’t have to remind anyone to have snacks in the house—especially if you invite me over.)

Be aware of your surroundings—Stay alert to what’s going on around you, especially in public, and minimize the use of electronic devices. Notice nearby exits and entrances and the fastest ways to them.

None of us can predict the future. Sometimes, even just being late to an activity can put stress on your family and can make it harder for you to be prepared and in tune for the bigger events in your lives.

As always, do something today that makes you happy!



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