Bad Writers are Still Writers Indeed

If you have just written something, and you are thinking, “This is really bad!” Welcome to the club, and really, welcome to the human family. We have all been there, and most likely, some of us will be there again.

But what is good writing? Are you a good writer because you crafted beautiful sentences? Or are you a good writer when you draw your readers into a different world and keep them there for the whole story? I have read books with gorgeous writing but that lacked authenticity in characters, emotions or voice. Some had strong voices but totally lacked connection to the readers. And then, I have read mediocre writing where the story affected me deeply.

There are plenty of writers and even readers out there who could accurately tell you everything wrong with your book and make the same errors themselves in their books. This is partly because large gaps can and do exist between what you know innately and what you can produce. This could also be because you need to write in stages, or this could be that you are too close to the writing and outside feedback is needed.

Here’s the thing: I’m not sure we need to be “great writers” to tell a story. Honestly, I have never read a book where the writer had mastered all the parts of writing. When I finally gave myself the permission to be mediocre, even bad, my writing began to change and become something workable and readable.

So keep on writing. Start writing. Happy writing.

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  1. Top says:

    Thank you for your comment. Currently, I mostly write children and young adult. What about you?

  2. alice says:

    Another foundational piece of advice. 🙂 I find this really helpful in getting over the writer’s block, among other things. Sadly, its spirit often gets lost amid all the clamouring for “you need to constantly improve”! I think even if you were the deftest writer alive, you’d still need the ability to be mediocre. On an unrelated tangent, may I ask what you are writing currently?

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