The Secret Ingredient of Success

A couple of years ago, I attended a writer’s conference where Arthur Levine, the American publisher for Harry Potter, was the keynote speaker. Though some had looks of interest and admiration, it was the glow of greed I saw shining in most of people’s faces.

The question that everyone wanted answered was not how to write a book that inspired and moved, it was how to become the next Harry Potter author. People swarmed this man like flies on carcass as he was trying to catch a flight home. Sorry Arthur, you are not carcass.

Appropriately, in his address, Arthur spoke of love. Though he was talking about writing, I think it applies to every single dream we dream. He compared finding the right manuscript to finding the love of your life. Though he went through manuscript after manuscript without that warm tingling feeling, when the right one came along, he knew it.

Here’s something key—the only way to get a reader to feel something from the writing is if the writer feels it too. So, bottom line, you gotta love what you write. The same goes for your dreams—loving the process, loving the topic, loving the work, loving the people you are trying to reach and loving yourself. Bottom line, you gotta love your dreams. You can’t pursue them just for the sake of fame or fortune.

In life, things don’t come to me when I’m in-hot pursuit of it. It came when I was planning something else. It came when I’ve let go of the need to have it. It came when I was deeply engaged in something I loved.

So love and cherish your big dreams and set small goals for them. Then watch them slowly unfold.

Happy Dreaming!


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  1. Top says:

    Yes, Alice, so true! Thanks for your comment!

  2. alice says:

    Hi! Uh, came here by a happy accident! 🙂 A wonderful post, and timeless advice. The strange thing, though, is that no matter how many times we repeat it, it seems to slink off the backs of people who most need to hear it. 😦 Anyway, thanks for posting!

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