Alone on the Holidays

With every holiday season, my thoughts turn toward all those who for one reason or another find themselves alone on a holiday. We put so much emphasis on celebrating with family and friends. It can be especially difficult if year after year you find yourself far away from family, whether physically or emotionally, when others around you are gathered with their family and close friends.

I am reminded of a friend of mine who passed away a couple of years ago. One year she decided that she would spend the holidays alone—completely alone, though she had family around. I can’t remember if it was both for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but it was definitely on Christmas. Surprisingly, she said that it was one of the most healing experiences in her life.

She decided to use that time to pray and reflect on her life and make some plans of what she wanted in her life. Interestingly, it was in that next year she met someone, moved out of the state and got married.

I’m not suggesting this plan as a recipe for getting married. I just thought that if you do find yourself alone for the holidays, perhaps consider doing what my friend did many years ago, make your holiday season a healing one.